Message Signing In PX4

Good afternoon,

Is it a goal to add MAVLink2 message signing to PX4? I notice all past PRs related to it have not been merged. I was wondering if it has ever been implemented in any way in PX4 and/or QGC.

I am asking, because I would like a way to increase the security of my MAVLink communication between the GCS and UAV.

I notice these two PRs here on both QGC and PX4 related to it. The QGC one is abandoned and the PX4 one has been up since 2021.

Are there other methods to secure a flight controller? For instance, is there built in functionality to prevent outgoing communication on PX4 until a password is entered?

Thank you for the help,


From Dagar:

There are probably better ways to accomplish what you are doing besides adding more to the mavlink message. How are you transmitting? Would be better to encrypt that connection