Mavlink 2.0 Authentication supportted yet on PX4?

Hi folks,
I was pretty sure that PX4 was updated to support Mavlink 2.0 messages however it doesn’t appear to me that it supports the packet signing yet as ArduPilot does. QGroundControl also doesn’t seem to support the setup and transmittal of secure keys in the manner that MissionPlanner does. Am I mistaken on this? is there a plan to roll that out?

Yes PX4 is able to switch between Mavlink 1.0 and 2.0, but I don’t see packet signing implemented yet. Are you interested in adding this? I could help point you in the right direction if you aren’t familiar with the code base.

Definitely interested, just not sure I have the bandwidth at the moment. I assume we would utilize the ArduPilot packet signing code for this? are we sure no one else is already working this? would not want to duplicate effort here.

The signing is part of mavlink 2, you just need to implement the setup.

@DonLakeFlyer @LorenzMeier Any immediate plans to implement mavlink 2 signing?

No immediate plans for mav 2 signing.