Some questions about “mc_att_control” hope to get help

Do you have an actual question?

There are three att and pos control source codes – fw_att/fw_pos; gnd_att/gnd_pos; mc_att/mc_pos control sources.
When the px4 is built for Pixhawk 1/ Nuttx; and configured in the QGroundControl as Multirotor,
which position and attitude is actually processing the estimations for the control of the copter?

Or are all of them running ? it will lag the entire system!
Or is it mc_pos_control and mc_att_control ?

I would need a reply asap for upgrading the firmware and remove some redundant code in the processing !

thank you


Only the set of controllers is running at a time, except VTOL which hands off between FW and MC.

so, your implying that it is only the mc_att/pos_control running for the multicopter configuration?



Yes, you can run top through the console to see what’s actually running.

Thank you, sure



mc = Multicopter
fw = Fixed wing
gnd = Ground vehicule