Maximum speed in GPS controlled mode

Hey guys!

We actually work on a UAV project which needs pretty fast, autonomous flight capabilities. Basically we want to reach up to 100km/h (27m/s) in a waypoint mode and were wondering whether there are any limitations with the autopilot that would make such an operation impossible?

I would be glad to receive your feedback on this!

(We intend to work with the PX4 software)

There are no limitations. We’ve flown a lot faster in the past.

Great to hear!

I was wondering, as the MPC_XY_VEL_MAX parameter only allows a maximum value of 20m/s…
So this can be overridden?

I think QGC will give you a warning if you want to go higher but you can just check the box and set it to the value you want.

How do you set the speed for your flight? Are you using simple mission points?

@TobiasM You can add additional entries to the mission which change the default speed.

oh nice. is it possible to set this parameter for setpoint_position in offboard mode? or is it just for missions? in my understanding missions are the same like setpoint_position, but you interrupt the “mission” (offboard), when you set a new point.

@TobiasM did you find a solution to this? I’m in the same situation that I want to bypass the 20 m/s limit in offboard mode.

just set the max value in qgroundcontrol to a higher value.