MAVSDK-python set flight mode


I am trying to use mavsdk-python to control several drones. I have tried the examples, and some commands do not work unless the drone is some flight modes. For instance, if the dron is in Stabilize mode the takeoff command is rejected. However, if I change the mde (using QGroundControl) to Altitude Hold it works.

Is there a way to use mavsdk-python to change flight mode?.


Hello @avilahuerta,

there is no “set flight mode” even in core C++ library yet I think, so no…

@Katawan would you happen to know why is that? Is it hard to implement? I think that some commands when used, automatically change the mode to the one where the command is applied. So i am a little confused about why could you change the mode same way?
Thank you in advance for clarification

I guess it is something you could implement by yourself of course.

@JulianOes would know better than me if there is work in progress to change the modes using MAVSDK