# MAVROS Offboard control example

Im very new , i try to folow the “MAVROS Offboard control example”
But i not understand how to deal with the file “offb_node.cpp” . How can i run this file ?

I use also IDE VScode .
What i do is creat file offb_node in /home/huy/catkin_ws/src/mavros
and i do insert this file in CmakeLists.txt

After i run the gazelo but i dont know how to run this example .
Can you guys help me pls . That so painful .

@Huy_Quang You have skipped the tutorial, where it explains how to run mavros / ROS packages in ROS with MAVROS Installation Guide | PX4 User Guide

You need to understand how ROS works, in order to run the mavros offboard example. You can follow some tutorials in ROS/Tutorials - ROS Wiki