Mavros not resiving data over wifi from the PX4 autopilot

I’m trying to get a off-board script going over WiFi using ROS and mavros. After connecting the access point created by the ESP8622 using the PX4.launch script I’m able to connect with the QGC software over the port opened by the script but its not updating the mavros topics like local pose.

Command used for the px4.launch: > roslaunch mavros px4.launch fcu_url:=udp://:14550@:14570 gcs_url:=udp://:14570@localhost:14551
QGC connects manually over port 14551 just fine. auto connect is OFF.
The ESP8622 wifi module is flashed with the latest firmware from the docs. Its connected via cable to port Telem2 which is configed to communicate with the ESP8622. Aka baud rate: 921600 wifi channel 11.

Diagnostic topic echo:
Console echo:

After reinstalling everything now works again. However it does give CMD: Unexpected command 176, result 1 when trying to set offboard. Also every other command given by QGC is CMD: Unexpected command.

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