Mavlink on non-supported telemetry

So I have just a general UART interface radio modules for my telemetry instead of the recommended Sik-Radio based telemetry. How can I go about allowing these to communicate with Mavlink framing? Pixhawk say that it’s possible but not how. Just getting a Sik-radio is not an option for me unfortunately.

A simple UART interface should work. As long as the serial bytes are forwarded correctly, I don’t see why it would not work.

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Would I be able to load on the Sik firmware or is this something I need to work out myself?

No idea. I don’t know what radio you’re talking about so I can’t comment.

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Hey! I need some help, I trying to created a telemetry with a STM32 and SX1280… could you help me?

@gadaavid if you have a specific question that someone might help with, then feel free to create a new thread and ask it (but don’t necrobump this old thread).

If you need someone to “help you” as in contracting, check:

Or write something in #jobs in Slack.

If your radio works as a transparent bridge (like a cable - whatever comes in at one end comes out at the other), then no changes are necessary. Just make sure that the baud rate, start/stop bits and parity is set correctly.