Mavlink messages representations in QGC

I’m working on a embedded sensor on a drone. I have already developped the onboard solution that creates Mavlink messages to ground station. But, now, I want to see the values of my sensor into QGC.
I’m a newbie in Qt and I need some help from you guys !
Well, first, I want to see the values in a custom dialog, I tried to implement FlyViewCustomLayer.qml and its plugin (, but I don’t know how exactly. TomRvr tries to help me here : mavlink-messages-to-qgc.
A picture to represent what I want is better than further explanations :

As you can see, I derived a PARAM_REQUEST_READ (#20) message to transport the values of my sensor. The field param_id is 16-characters long, so, to embed my values, it’s perfect, as param_index that I need too. I have some binary extractions to do (no problem with that), but at this point, I don’t know how to simply print my hex values in my custom dialog !

Here is the main classes content :



Tell me what I missed please !