Display MAVLink Messages in QGroundControl UI


I’ve recently been taking a look at the QGroundControl UI in QT Creator and have been trying to display some MAVLink data on the FlyViewMap.qml page. More specifically, I’m trying to call the SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW data from the MAVLink Inspector page for servos 1-4, but have had little luck in doing so thus far. I’m fairly new to qml so any insight on what code I should try for displaying / calling these messages would be greatly appreciated. My end goal is to have all four servo outputs being displayed simultaneously on the FlyViewMap.qml page so they can be viewed during drone flight and quadcopter simulations. Thanks!


Jonathan Erikson

did you figure it out Jonathan - I have the same question, how to display engine RPM in flyview - its not in the list of parameters for some reason.