MAVLink message structure

Hello. I want to know the structure of the MAVLink message when I send a request to Drone, example takeoff and land. Where I can find document about it? Thank you!

What exactly are you trying to achieve? I’m not entirely sure how to answer you, there would be a lot to explain.

Have you browsed through ?

Sorry, my English skills are not good. I want to see MAVLink messages when I send a command to Drone, such as takeoff and landing. I am also looking at, but I would like to learn more documents for a more specific look.

The command sent to takeoff is:


And as an example how the bytes are put on the buffer, check:

And an example how this is used, e.g. in MAVSDK:

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Thank you very much! It will help me a lot in the process of learning about MAVLink protocol.

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