'make clean' is always needed after changing a mixer file?


After a custom aux mixer file added and changed, the change of the file is not applied in the pixhawk though ‘make’ and ‘upload’ was done.

But after ‘make clean’ and re-make, it works well. But the two long re-make time is needed.

So, this ‘make clean’ should be executed every time when a mixer file is changed?

Are you using current master?

@bigbellmercy: If you are using the current Master branch, you need to add your custom mixer file to the CMakeLists.txt in the mixers directory, so that the build knows to check it as a dependency.

If it is a older commit that you are using, then you will always need to clean before rebuilding or delete the compiled ROMFS object file…

Thanks a lot, Lorenz and ksschwabe!

I’m using PX4 v1.7.3 so it seems to work.

It maybe seems that this is the same cause of that some files are not listed in the tree of the project in QtCreator.