Query on New Mixers During Compilation

Hi all! I was trying to add a new mixer into the firmware when I noticed that any changes I make in the ROMFS/px4fmu_common folder are not noticed by the compiler (it states “ninja: no work to do”).

Moreover, when I change the SYS_AUTOSTART param to match the new init.d and mixer configuration, the fw_att_controller no longer automatically runs upon boot and the actuator groups do not seem to be linked to my output groups (neither of the nsh’s and commands register any response).

Any advice on how I can debug this? Many thanks!

  1. To fix your building issue just run make clean before you build your code again. It is not the nicest solution as you have to build the whole code again but it fixes the issue.

  2. Are you sure that you either start the fw_att_controller manually in your init.d or you have set the VEHICLE_TYPE to fw or you have somewhere in your init.d the following line sh /etc/init.d/rc.fw_apps to start the standard fixed wing apps.

Thanks acfloria!

  1. Yes. make clean does the trick.

  2. The fw_apps get started after doing the above. Realised that the problem was that the onboard params didn’t have the new init.d and mixer files until after a ‘make clean’.