Magnetometer Recommendations?

I am looking for recommendations on what magnetometer performs reliably on PX4 Autopilot?
Only found some old ones in this forum from like '17 so I thought I’d just ask. :slight_smile:
So far I’ve been using and pretty satisfied with the one that’s in the Holybro M8Q GPS/MAG combo-unit.
But there are times when it’s unreliable so there’s the possibility of going the way of using a breakout-board style compass-only module and I wonder if anyone has any experience with regards to use on a quadcopter?

I’m also very open to any recommendations towards other combo-style units where GPS is included.


So far I can say I prefer the qmc5883l over the hmc and that is for assembled modules.
Will try more this week including chips on breakout boards and keep this updated. :wink:

Rm3100 is by far the best.