Looking to hire PX4 developers

Hey all, my name is Greg Friesmuth and I am the CTO of Dronesmith Technologies. Some of you might have already heard about our PX4 based flight controller called Luci (http://www.dronesmith.io/luci/). We are looking to bring on more experienced PX4 developers to help us maintain and bring up Luci to 100% PX4 compatibility and to maintain compatibility with any future revisions of software/hardware. Our firmware changes are already open sourced (https://github.com/dronesmith-tech) but would like more eyes working with us on Luci and join a team of passionate drone devs. We also have some exciting idea’s we would like to openly contribute to the PX4 stack. Would anyone here be interested in more information? I’ll try to answer anyone’s questions here, but if anyone want’s to contact me directly, my email is greg@dronesmith.io.