Loiter in an inclined circular trajectory

Does the PX4 flight stack support Loiter in an inclined circular trajectory as shown below?

Hi @Al_B ,

Unfortunately not yet. What is the use case for that kind of loiter?

Hi Bresh,

We’re conducting a research attempting to extend the flight duration of UAVs using a method for energy capture in wind known as dynamic soaring. We need the inclined circular trajectory to simultaneously explore and exploit an unknown wind field in a closed loop pattern to estimate the local wind vector.

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@Al_B That sounds like a interesting project!

Though if you are interested in doing dynamic soaring, it may not be a good decision to rely on the position controller of PX4. I would suggest it would be better to run your own controller to exploit the wind velocity.

The position controller of px4 will not exploit the wind velocity, but will try to maintain the airspeed while keeping the position in loiter mode.