Link Servo to Kotleta20

Hello there,
in an attemp to “steer” our servos ( we want to connect them to Kotleta20 ( wich work as a CAN-Bus.

How can I connect my servos to the Kotleta20? Usually Kotleta20 is for motors because they are ESCs and those are connected via two cabels. But these servos use a third cabel of course for the PWM-signal. Where can/should I connect it to? Don`t I need that third cabel?

Servos use PWM as well so it should be possible, right?
Thank you in advance.



Kotleta20 will not drive a servo it is to drive motors directly.
The fact that it has three outputs is just a coincidence and it can not drive a servo.
You can get can bus servos:

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As @jimdgit mentioned, the CAN-capable ESC cannot drive servos.
However, if you already have standard (i.e. PWM) servos, you may want to check CAN2PWM adapter, also from Currawong.

Spoiler alert: I’ve never used such component, just a suggestion.

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The Currawong hardware uses PiccoloCAN, not UAVCAN, so won’t work with current PX4.
Hitec make uavcan servos.

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