Lidar installation 'angle'?

installing a V3HP in plane for 1st time, wondering about concerns for the plane pitch during landing approach-to-touchdown. should i mount the lidar pointing straight down or a littl fwd to account for pitch during descent, or?

I think the control algorithms expect straight 90 degrees down and will calculate the effect through pitching.

that would be most excellent!
ps…im hoping your definition of “calculate the effect through pitching” interprets to something like “Pythagorean calculations done that consider AC pose from imu data”.

Presumably yes. I’d have to read through the code to know how this is all implemented.

i found this parameter…not sure if it is applicable…
EKF2_RNG_PITCH (FLOAT) Range sensor pitch offset -0.75 > 0.75 0.0 rad

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