Left and right motors not starting at the same time

Hi everyone,

On v1.10 release with a custom mixer, when throttling up after the arming sequence, the left motor (output 1 on the image) systematically start spinning about 1 second after the right motor (output 0). But in the logs, the pwm values are sent at the same time


We tried to swap the left and right motors and escs, and the problem remains associated with channel 1 starting after channel 0

Here are a few questions:

  • If the logs record the pwm value being sent at the same time, is it possible that the actual signals are delayed? i.e. is it possible to have an inconsistency between the log and the signals?
  • If the pwm signals are started at the same time as they appear in the logs, what can be the problem? I’m looking for an asymmetry in the system, because if the motors, escs and cables are the same, why would one start before the other? Power issue, maybe? any idea?

Thanks for your suggestions