Joystick not appearing in setting menu QGC

Hi there,

I am using the most recent version of QGroundControl.
I am trying to run some simulations (SITL and HITL) for a project and use the joystick feature with a FrSky Taranis XD9 plus by following the steps as outlined by Joystick · QGroundControl User Guide

However after following the first initial steps and plugging in my joystick into the computer, I am not getting the sub-menu for the joy stick under settings.

I have tried being connected to SITL, HITL, or neither at all and just connect to QGC and nothing has worked.

Any help with what might be join on would be greatly helpful.

Whats the current status? Does it work now? What you have done to make it work?
Our pilot, has the same issue.