Is there any Kalman Filter on GPS x and y data?

Hi Guys

I want to know that, Is there any Kalman filter on GPS x and y data?
Because I want to implement a smooth data tracking of GPS coordinates for /tf for mapping using LiDAR.
Occasionally I found that there is the enormous drift in GPS position data. So is there any way to make it smooth?


Could you be more specific, what data are you talking about, what firmware are you using?
If you are running latest release of PX4 and is looking into a ulg file the vehicle_global_position field is the output of a Kalman filter and vehicle_gps_position is the raw sensor data.

Also the position is filtered by a EKF filter. Either LPE or EKF2.

Note that the GPS precision (not geostationary and not RTK) is 15m precise. If it is drifting and not jumping, it is filtered.