Is px4fmu still being produced?


Im trying to get my hands on the px4fmu. Did production of new units stop? The shops listed on the official website all discontinued it. Okay, 3drobotics pretty much discontinued everything. Furthermore the px4fmu’s site I linked does no longer show up in the navigation of

Oh and I know that the pixracer is the official successor to the px4fmu :slight_smile:

I guess the FMUv1 is not currently being produced anywhere. But I’d like to know why you would prefer it to PixRacer; are you replacing a broken v1, or is this for a new build?

It’s for a new and urgent build and I’m used to the px4fmu :slight_smile:

To be honest, it’s purely because I haven’t had the time yet to look thoroughly at the pixracer. I’m using a forked px4fmu firmware and don’t know if it would run on the pixracer. I thought I’d get the px4fmu now and then later take the time to understand the pixracer.

The Pixracer (fmu-v4) is similar to the fmu-v1 in not having an IO coprocessor, so you might find there are few differences to contend with in your application, other than pinout and connectors.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind then!