Is it possible to use PM07 only as Power Distributor for Pixhawk 5x?

Hi, I have an X500 Frame Kit with a PM07 with the motor cables already soldered on.

I just bought a Pixhawk 5x and know that it can not be used with the PM07. Is it possible to connect the PD02D of the Pixhawk 5x to my PM07 and use it only as a power distributor?

Or should I desolder the cables and solder them to the PDB board that came with the Pixhawk 5x?

In order to get accurate current reading it need to go through the PM02D sensor. Even if you don’t care about the current reading, both the PM07 & PM02D need to be powered in order for this to work. PM07 for ESC power, PM02D for FC.

In conclusion, you should really just remove the PM07 and use the PDB board with PM02D.

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