IRIS model in SITL

How can I look into the specifications of IRIS model that is simulated in SITL?

At least for Gazebo in PX4, all of the SITL stuff is in Firmware/Tools/sitl_gazebo/. For example the iris model located at Firmware/Tools/sitl_gazebo/models/iris/iris.sdf defines all the physical characteristics (i.e. the dae models) and also the plugins used.

I wrote a blog post about all the details for the ArduCopterPlugin that is related here, although its focus is Betaflight it has a lot of the IRIS details.

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Hi, great blog post. I never knew that SITL Iris simulation, included even the aerodynamics of the rotor blades, like the lift grad etc.
However, I was wondering to make a comparison between the specs of real life Iris and the simulated Iris.
For instance, the payload carrying capacity for iris as shown in the real system is 400 gm , but simulated one seems a lot more.


This is all interesting stuff, I’m also looking to do more realistic simulations just having got to deep in it yet.
What you’d have to do is work out the math to calculate the capable payload of the drone. If you know the number of motors (4) for iris, thrust, and drone weight you can calculate this according to

In the iris’s SDF file I linked to before you can get the mass of the components tallying it up it comes to 1.535 kg however listed here it says 1.282kg so not sure why the discrepancy. My next suggestion would be to look at the motor model in Tools/sitl_gazebo/src/gazebo_motor_model.cpp to try and see what thrust the simulated motor is capable. In the real world the props you have would play a big role so I’m not sure if this is expressed in this model or in the gazebo aerodynamics plugin.

This should give you a starting point, I’d be interested to find out what you find, keep us updated!

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Thanks alot Wil! I will update you soon.