Interaction of SITL/MAVSDK with my current code base

Hello Everyone,

I am a beginner and I need help with the following :-

Usually , I do real drone testing using Cube Plus ( Ardupilot firmware). All the communication happen via Mavlink Proxy to GS ( Mission Planner).

Now, my project is to test the local controller which I developed for my drone. I want to it work for the drone available in simulator. I don’t have physical drones to test any more but I have the entire code base setup.

So, my first step was to install mavsdk API in Python and transfer the information regarding the drone state from Python to Rust ( my code base is in rust). So, then the controller (in rust) will send back new target points to Python side to make the drone reach to a specific location.

Now my question is, is there something I can do, so that I can directly get information of simulator drone in my code base Instead of getting the information from Python to my code base and changing a lot of variables . I am already using mavlink and mavproxy so there should be someway to directly connect simulator drone to my system and get the data.