Improving video stream quality + framerate

Hello all. I’ve implemented a video streaming system over a high-throughput datalink from a Jetson Nano, using GStreamer’s RTSP server, and received by QGC on the ground. When I receive the video stream through terminal or command line pipelines (using software decode, while the same stream is running in QGC in a separate window) the quality is noticeably better and a stable 60fps is maintained. However, in QGC, the quality dips noticeably and there is substantial screen tearing/frame dropping/framerate dipping. It doesn’t seem like there’s much in the way of exposing individual pipeline elements in QGC, but I would like to push the video quality as much as I can. Does anyone have any advice on how to optimize performance on either end of my streaming pipeline? As a note, throughput/connection is not the main issue here - I am using some very high throughput IP radios with dedicated video ports and differentiated service protocols.

Hi jithubrules,

Sorry, I can not reply to your question. However, I will be glad to discuss with you because I am trying to do exactly what you have done. I just started with QGround Controle and I have no idea how to get the video stream on the software. I want to use a camera first. It is pluged on the Jetson Nano CSI port. I did not find any protocol in order to do that. Could you please help me ? I have no idea how to get the data stream on the QGround control software.

May be you have an article about it ?

In the second step I will be glad to use a gimball with the camera.

Thank you.

Hi Pilatre,
Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you - on the off chance that you are still wrestling with this, I use GStreamer to run an RTSP stream. You can also use this to stream over TCP/UDP. As far as getting camera read into the Nano via the CSI port, you need to make sure your device is supported in the drivers - I would recommend trying to use GStreamer to run a local display of the video (instructions for this on the Nano are readily available here ), and take it from there. If the image sensor you are using is not supported, and you need to install drivers for it, let me know and I can give you a hand with that - I had to install drivers for an HDMI-CSI converter and have the process down pretty well.