IGN Mission_Item: Busy Sitl and qgroundcontrol issue


I have been attempting to simulate waypoint flight using qgroundcontrol, a simulator(tired gazebo and jmavsim) and PX4 firmware on my laptop. Everytime I tried to upload the waypoint flight, I get the message IGN MISSION_ITEM: Busy both on the qgroundcontrol and in the command line tab where I have the simulator running. I looked through the PX4 code, and looks like that error is coming from the mavlink_main.cpp script. By that I mean, that IGN MISSION_ITEM: Busy is listed in some of the if else loops. https://github.com/PX4/Firmware/tree/master/posix-configs/SITL Looking through this page, it appears that mavlink_main.cpp is communicating between qgroundcontrol and Controller. I also followed the guidelines given on the github SITL page by connecting my pixhawk to my computer. But when I start the simulation setup, the qgroundcontrol is seeing two PX4 firmware. One on the pixhawk itself and one on my computer. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!


Did you solve this ? I have the same issue when i try to upload a mission using MAVROS.

I also had a similar issue when running with MAVROS but i found that one of the waypoints was erroneous so as long as you input valid mission waypoints , it should not give that error.


Hi all…I have the same issue