How to use Indoor positioning with Global Coordinates/Qgroundcontrol?

We are trying to use a ground vehicle indoors, without GPS, using visual position messages. I am sending VISION_POSITION_ESTIMATE messages to the px4 and the EKF2 is correctly computing local position, but global position is none, which is to be expected because we have not given it any lat/long reference. Unfortunately, it appears QGroundControl will not show the vehicle and/or plan a mission without global coordinates. How is this scenario supposed to be handled with vision or mocap indoors? Is there a way to manually set a transform between local and global coordinates? Is QGroundControl simply not supported without a GPS? Could routes still be executed entirely in the local coordinate system by using something like DroneKit instead of QGroundControl?

try this instruction

That’s the guide I’ve been following, except no ROS, this is an embedded device sending the position estimates over serial. It also doesn’t address global position or QGroundControl