How to show MavLink info with custom drone


I am programming a custom drone which uses the MAVLink protocol but no known autopilot. I was able to display some common data in QGroundControl like the attitude or battery remaining capacity.
But I would like to be able to display other information like mount orientation for instance. I know the message is recognised because I can display the info in the Analyse widget. What I would like to do is to display these info in the navigation widget (the one with the compass) or in another custom widget. Is it possible? How can I do that?

For instance, the mount orientation is using the MOUNT_ORIENTATION message.

I have access to QGroundControl source code if I need to modify it.

Thanks for your help!

Look at how FactGroups are implemented in

Thanks for the tip. If I understand the code well, I should make a new firmware plugin for my vehicule which introduces the right fact groups?

You should also look at the new Camera instrument page. I think it shows gimbal angle. Don’t remember.

FactGroup stuff isn’t exposed through plugins. You’ll need to change Vehicle.h/cc yourself.

Then how is it that different vehicules (i.e quadcopter, sub, rover…) have different fact groups? I have already used a submarine from bluerobotics and I had access to more information like gain and camera offset right beneath the compass.

The facts I am trying to implement are the same as the ones defined in ArduSubFirmwarePlugin.h. That’s why I though I had to create a new plugin.

Sorry, forgot that was added by ArduSub folks:

virtual QMap<QString, FactGroup*>* FirmwarePlugin::factGroups(void);

OK, thanks for your answers, now I should be able do to what I want :slight_smile: