Adding MavLink Message for new facts

I’m working on a new drone type that has some new MavLink messages. I’ve added them OK and can see them in the MavLink “browser” in QGC. I need to get them assigned to new facts to get them available to the QML that I’ve added.
Can someone give me some hints on getting the facts set up - details are appreciated.

Look at the FactGroups in Vehicle.h/cc

I suspected that - I’ll have to trace an existing MLM through.


Stuck again. I’ve added processing in vehicle for my new MAVLink message. Stuck how to reference it in my QML.

Her’es the vehicle code…
void Vehicle::_handleFuelCellStatus(mavlink_message_t& message)
mavlink_fuelcell_status_t fuelCellStatus;
mavlink_msg_fuelcell_status_decode(&message, &fuelCellStatus);
// Todo - Rest of fuel cell fields

How do I reference that “Fact” in the QML?


You reference it from the Vehicle object.

Thanks. I looked at a few examples and determined that and it seems ok.
I want to create an array or motor data and tried to do that. Is there a way to references array elements in the QML as well?

I saw some satellite params coming across mavlin in arrays but didn’t see where they were being copied anywhere into the vehicle object.