How to select multiple waypoints

I made a detailed mission in Mission Planner. This mission had the option checked to apply terrain following. Mission flew perfectly using Mission Planner. Mission was saved as a .waypoints file which QGC is able to load. When I import the mission into QGC there is no terrain following and the waypoints all default to above mean sea level. How can I select multiple waypoints in QGC to apply the Altitude Above Terrain option to each waypoint? Thanks

Hello! For everyone that still need to hear this 5 years later… :sweat_smile: I just encountered the same thing. And I was very frustrated. I found a way to change this. You have to edit the actual file. The best thing is to import it into QGC and then export .kml If you have this file format you can go change stuff with some text editor. I just went in and changed the “AltitudeMode”: 1 to “AltitudeMode”: 3. With CTRL+F funcion you can find and replace. And the same goes for the “Altitude”: XX, I just changed it to whatever I want and replaced everything. Then save and import KML again. That should do the trick.