How to read brodcast messages in python using multithread

I want to read the messages in my python script that are printed in QGCS (Screenshot attached) in the red.

I have connected my PC with the Pixhawk using ttl2usb converter. I assume these are broadcasting messages, am I right here?
How should I code my program to read it?

Note: Though in the screenshot you will find firmware is ardupilot. I hope of experts on MAVLink in this forum could help me.

I think what you mean is to see statustext messages.

You could use MAVSDK in Python:

I understood the above program. Thanks for sharing it. Can I use MAVSDK and PyMAVLink together in one program? I am asking this because for the rest of the program, I am using PyMAVLink.

I don’t know how you would use both together. Can you just use pymavlink only?

Actually I am only using pyMAVLink. Also, I have set the parameter in RC such that if the RC is switched off. The Channel 3 drops below 900 so I am reading that using mavlink messages. Thanks for your help.