Connection between QGC and PC(Windows 10)

Hello guys, Im studying MAVLINK system. Now I’m developing virtual device which simulates PX4 on PC.

So im tryting to connect my Windows PC with QGC system through SIK Radio Telemetry.

  1. Windows10, (python) PC connected with telemetry1. (by USB)
  2. Any device running QGC and connected with telemetry2. (by USB)

I think I know how to make two telemetries transmitting and recciveing messages. But, I dont know how I can make QGC’s state as ‘Connected’. (like, what messages must be sent, which should be receieved, etc.) Here’s my brief code.

QGC expect a HEARTBEAT message from the vehicle for it to show “Connected” status.

For an example on how to send a heartbeat message to QGC, you can refer the Mavlink Developer Guide.

For a C language example, you can refer to mavlink_udp.c.

Hope it helps.

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thank you for your reply! Ill try what you suggested!