How to get flight distance via log file?

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hello, I checked the flight distance in the px4 flight review.

Can I check the elapsed distance according to the time [timestamp] with the csv file?

Distance could not be checked in the csv file obtained through pyulog.

I need your help. Thank you.

Let me ping @bkueng. He knows more about pyulog.

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It’s calculated. This is how flight review does it: flight_review/ at d3e01a2890bee0620442df3e8e41f15b17a4a5bf · PX4/flight_review · GitHub


That’s exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!


How accurate is the estimated distance in a log file?

Got the code to get the total distance from the section @bkueng told me. After that, the pyulog code is used after applying it after some modifications.

There is no comparison target for accuracy, so it will be difficult to answer.