How to add parameters that are not in the current firmware?


I have a custom firmware on my Pixhawk cube that came with my fixed wing vehicle.
Now I want to add a camera feedback, but I can’t see the camera capture on the parameters list.
How can I add the camera feedback code to the firmware? or any other suggestions how to stay with the manufacturer firmware and add the camera feedack?


Can you link the custom firmware? It sounds kind of like they didn’t build the image with the camera capture driver enabled, in which case you would have to either use a different image or ask the manufacturer to build a new one…

Yes I guess the image is without the camera capture driver. What do you mean by use a different image? There is a way to add the camera capture driver to the current image by myself?

Not without compiling a new image from scratch, as far as I know.

You could use the default pre-built PX4 firmware image for your cube, which does include the camera capture driver, or compile your own.