How could I import GPS / "*.GPX" files into QGroundControl?

I intend to “mark” obstacles like Electrical Towers as tracking Points in the XML / GPX format. As next I intend to import this *.gpx file into QGC.
What is the recommended way to do achieve this?

( I could also generate KML files of the relevant obstacles)

Thanks for your help Jakob

I assume you want to just add visual overlays to the map. This is not currently possible. If you want to use KML to load PX4 firmware GeoFence’s that is possible with daily builds:,

thank you for the fast reply. If I understand it right how this new feature suposed work.

  1. I select the area I intend to cover in the flight mission.
  2. Then import the “obstacle file” in KML format which contains all the objects which are defined as obstacles.
  3. Now I do the flight pattern for the mission area
    Right ?

Docs are a little out of date: Then you use the new Load Kml option to load KML for the polygon.