How can I set TCP/IP address in Pixhawk?

Is it possible that set ip address on pixhwak?
I need to connect to TCP/IP network on Pixhwak and set ip address…
If it need another equipment… what is the best equip you recommend??

the standard Pixhawk hardware does not have an Ethernet interface. We had this same need and ended up designing a custom Pixhawk compatible autopilot board with a built in Ethernet switch and serial-to-ethernet bridge on the Pixhawk Telem1. I’m curious if people think there is a commercial market for an autopilot board like this?

Is the Pixhwak2 same?

Typically, if the autopilot is not computer assisted, it will not have built-in support for a TCP/IP stack. The most common solution would be to add a WiFi serial transceiver module like the esp8266. This is by far the most popular, as far as I know.

Computer assisted autopilots like the NAVIO2, and others based on Raspberry PI and BeagleBone will have TCP/IP support, but you might need a WiFi adapter is there is not one on board.