HIL Simulation with Functional Motors / Actuators


Hello I see that in HIL mode the motors / actuator output got blocked. I want to unblock it and run HIL simulation with working motors / actuators, so I can see how the servo movement in real word. I try to modify some part of the source but got stuck. Please help.



I might be missing something here, but why would you use HIL if you already want to test motors?
I guess HIL is meant to test the code execution on the Hardware while the sensors are simulated.


I have to read the PWM output when running HIL for school project.


Hi @muhammad_jogja!

I’m working on a simulation project and I’m also trying to enable the motors in HIL mode.
Did you manage to make it?


@muhammad_jogja, @lui2j
Did you get PWM output and servo movement with HIL simulation?
I tried to get the servo moved in HIL simulation with x-plane, but never works.