High Latency link

Quick question,

Lets say I’m getting interference on my telemetry radio link which reduce the available bandwidth.
I would then like to switch to the the high latency Mavlink stream. What the right way of doing this using QGC?

Also does that make sense?

Not really. You don’t “switch” to a high latency link. It’s a type of link like a satellite link.

Oh ok!!!
I guess I got confused with the “minimal mode”. Can you which for normal to minimal mode on the fly?
Also, so how does the high Latency mode differ from the others?

There are a few differences. The ones I recall are:

  • You don’t send heartbeats through from QGC to the plane
  • The timeout on receiving a heartbeat, which can also be a HIGH_LATENCY2 message, from the plane is increased
  • You cannot synch/modify params and missions using this link
  • If there are multiple links connected to QGC then the low latency links are preferred

This high latency link was mainly targeted to satellite communication where you experience latency ranging from 5-30 seconds and the bandwidth is very limited.

Oh ok thanks very much!