Hexacopter simulation problem in jMAVSim w/ Pixhawk

Hello group members,
I am trying to carry the flight simulation in jMAVSim using Pixhawk controller,
but i have some problem
I want to hexacopter simulation in jMAVSim and edited the ‘Simulator.java’
There is a hexacopter code in vehicle folder, and i applied in Simulator.java source code.
But when i shoot the flight simulation in jmavsim, it cannot maneuver well
(altitude change works, but heading change does not work)
did i miss some steps ?
I didnot changed anything in QGC (including frame setting as ‘HIL quadroter x’)
Should I change the airframe setting to ‘Hexaroter X’ ?
Actually it worked well w/ the quadcopter code
The only thing i have changed is the Simulator.java code
If someone has some clue for this, I really appreciate it
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes you’ll definitely need to change the frame as well. Try that and if you hit more issues please post logs.