Hexacopter is not able to takeoff in gazebo simulation

I am new to px4 platform, i made a custom hexacopter and just replace the code of iris.sdf with mine made sdf of hexacopter, blader are rotating fine when armed but somehow it is not able to liftoff, can somebody please help. The version of mine is about 200 kg with payload in total with almost 38 inch six long propellars in diameter. Maybe there is something i need to change in “libgazebo_motor_model.so” plugin but maybe. Can someone please help? It is for simulation in gazebo only, not for real life model

If you have made the drone 200kg, the motors don’t have enough thrust to lift the drone. You need to change the motor parameters. Take a look at this thread: Documentation: What is the math behind the Motor Model? · Issue #110 · PX4/PX4-SITL_gazebo-classic · GitHub