Help uploading rc scripts

Have forked version of px4 and am trying to change a script in ROMFS/px4fmu_common.

I’ve successfully loaded code changes onto my Pixhawk4 with “make px4_fmu-v5_default upload”, but the changes to the RC scripts does not appear to upload. Checking with “cat /etc/init.d/rc.sensors” through the mavlink console.

I appears the changes are included in “build/px4_fmu-v5_default/genromfs/init.d”.

Do I need to do anything special to upload ROMFS changes to a Pixhawk4?

Hello ,

Sorry I cannot answer your question . I saw that you have uploaded the make code . I am facing some problems with the upload of code on Pixhawk 4 .It just hangs on the page saying ‘loading firmware… waiting for bootloader . if pixhawk does respond in 1-2 sec replug the usb’ . Can you please tell how you had done the upload ?