Help pls ! adding multiple non-identical devices to pixhawk I2C

Hello !
I am trying to add the following devices to pixhawk;

  1. PX4 flow
  2. TeraOne Range finder
    Since both these are pixhawk supported and both are not identical (assuming they have different addressess!) Can I add both of them by using an I2C splitter?
    Or do I have to play with codes and addresses !:grimacing: ?

Following. Is it possible to program PX4 to send Telem data for OSD through the rx/tx pins on the i2c?

Running Holybro Pix Mini. Currently I have a airspeed sensor on i2c and the rx/tx pins are not used. I have SiK and OSD on Telem port expander, but will only support limited QGC function. Getting annoyed with having to disconnect OSD every time I need to adjust parameters or upload missions.

Hey anish.

Usually different i2c device types have already different i2c addresses. But to be sure you can connect such a device to a raspberry pi/odroid and check the i2c addresses individually with “sudo i2cdetect -y 1”