Help me to understand the code in ekf2_main.cpp

I’m reading ekf2_main.cpp code, but there are many things I can’t understand, even with the help of code comments.I looked for some information on the Internet, not good, who can tell me where there is a good blog about ekf2_main.cpp

ekf2_main.cpp is just the file which interfaces to the EKF2 from the ecl library.

I’m assuming you want to know more about EKF2 in which case I suggest to have a look at the ecl library:

and the EKF2 docs:

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Thank you very much. You are a good man

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I have a question. lpos_x /y/z is calculated only by IMU?Or fusion with data from GPS and PX4 FLOW data if have.

The local position is an output from the EKF2 and includes data from the IMU, GPS and/or PX4Flow.

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OK,thank you.It seems that use EKF2_AID_MASK could set fusion data from GPS