Help choosing the airframe for my vtol

this is my first time posting, so I apologize if I’m doing something wrong. I’m currently doing a project where we’re using this vtol ( Regarding the airframe, I assume I should choose the Generic AAVVT v-tail plane airframe with Quad VTOL. Is this the right choise? And if it is, what is the specific output? On the website it does’t specify, it just says “Maintainer: Sander Smeets”.
Thank you.

I am not sure if this is %100 correct but this is what I found when I looked in the code.
Generic AAVVT v-tail plane with Quad VTOL airframe uses quad_x main and vtol_AAVVT aux mixers.
So outputs should be something like:

  • MAIN1: motor 1
  • MAIN2: motor 2
  • MAIN3: motor 3
  • MAIN4: motor 4
  • AUX1: Aileron 1
  • AUX2: Aileron 2
  • AUX3: V-Tail 1
  • AUX4: V-Tail 2
  • AUX5: Throttle
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