GPS Refresh Rate

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Since the topic was last discussed here on 2016,I thought to open a new thread.

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Critical GPS update rate issue

Can anyone point to instructions on how to configure GPS refresh rate (i.e. set higher than the default 1 Hz) for the ublox Neo-M8 with Pixhawk?

I am sure there is a good read somewhere but I didn’t find it yet.

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Hi @gast, so usually PX4 configures it to the max rate, so you should not have to worry about it.

What specifically are you trying to fix/resolve? Or how do you have the GPS connected and to what?

Hi @JulianOes, I also have the same question. I am using the Holybro F9P RTK GPS, and I am trying to increase the refresh rate. I tested PX4 will config F9P to 1Hz as default, but F9P can easily go up to 5Hz-8Hz by using u-center to set.

In this case, PX4 doesn’t configure it to the max rate, unfortunately. I tried to configure F9P with 8Hz in u-center, but it seems PX4 rewrite my setting. I also found a place where PX4 is suspect to set its default parameter talking to the UBX receiver here: PX4-GPSDrivers/ubx.cpp at master · PX4/PX4-GPSDrivers · GitHub. I am wondering why 1 means 5Hz in the note? And how can I update it or override it for a 8Hz rate? I am going to set my RTK at 8Hz as default.

My previous question was posted at RKT GPS Sampling Rate Increasing. So, can you please advise for this? Thanks.