GPS+Compass for MindPX?

What are gps +compass modules that are tested with MindPX? @rolandash

Any gps/compass module that works with PixHawk/PX4 can work with MindPX.

@rolandash Thanks. Any recommendations from experience ?

Any options that are realistic for the NanoMind?

You have the point. There would be a tiny module for NanoMind soon :slight_smile:

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@Mzahana These GPS modules all use the same chipset, so I really have no special preference on them as they work pretty much close.

A nano-size, external compass module for NanoMind as well as other MindRacer based micro-drones, available now at AirMind store

This module weights only ~2.6g in total. With this module NanoMind can fly EKF estimator as well indoor.