Git folder getting too big

I have just cloned fresh Firmware (not used yet to PX4-Autopilot :slight_smile: ) and noticed that the folder got to be 1.6GB. which is much more than is used to be.
looking dipper shows that the SMSIS module is huge, it takes 207Mb and inside the .git folder is about 253MB which seems really unnecessary.
and also the mesh of the matrice 100 is 75MB, which seems that it can be reduce.

I know that even if reducing the content of that folders, the git history will keep the data on the .git folder, so there need to do some hacks to really reduce the size of the clone.

What do you think about that?

You can reduce the size using git clone --depth 1 ...

Even with depth 1, the folder is 1.4Gb. and I lose the history, so it not a real solution.
and it shouldn’t reduce the git folder size that much, because the real content of the code is still high.

I think it is a valid concern. For example if the mesh of the matrice 100 is 75Mb alone it is an easy fix. Perhaps there are more examples like that.

I would raise an issue on github and perhaps discuss this on the next dev-call. perhaps other people can contribute.