Getting absolute vehicle position

Hi guys

I’m new to PIX4, so the answer might be obvious:
I’m extending QGC, writing in C++ and QML and trying to get the vehicle (drone) position (latitude, longitude, altitude)?
As per my understanding, it is probably via MAVSDK but I didn’t find how to do it.

Thanks in advanced,

Thanks Alex, I managed to retrieve the information using Facts:

qDebug() << "abs lat=" << _managerVehicle->getFactGroup("gps")->getFact("lat")->cookedValueString();
qDebug() << "abs lon=" << _managerVehicle->getFactGroup("gps")->getFact("lon")->cookedValueString();
qDebug() << "rel alt=" << _managerVehicle->altitudeRelative()->cookedValueString();