Get Gimbal Pitch and Yaw

I see that the SDK has options for setting the Gimbal pitch and yaw, but is there any way to query the current pitch and yaw?


void mavsdk::Telemetry::camera_attitude_euler_angle_async(attitude_euler_angle_callback_t callback)

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Yes that’s it. I agree that the naming is a bit unfortunate for this one.

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Do you resolve connection with mantis q ? Thanks!

@cartovarc Sadly, had to move onto other things at work and never got things fully implemented with the Mantis Q

Hi guys, how do I get gimbal info from flight logs?

Can you tell me the process to query the current pitch and yaw.? I want to read pitch and yaw set in the mission which is uploaded from QGC through a companion computer and then set my camera according to it. I tried the function you mentioned but it didnt give me any data.


I am also interested in this, is there a solution?

See: Get Gimbal Pitch and Yaw